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Black Fire Secret Spray – Boost your chances of success when hunting!

Small and easy to carry with an extremely strong smell because of the premium ingredients in the spray.

Black Fire Spray is designed to enhance your hunting attractant. Add the spray to attractants or corn  to boost your hunting success and intensify the smell.

Black Fire Secret Spray is the most practical option to apply when hunting wild boar, deer and roe deer.

Black Fire Spray is an ultra-premium attractant that you can spray on your hunting grounds providing a long-lasting and supercharged scent.

When you go out hunting you can apply Black Fire spray to your boot sole. This way, you will spread the strong smell of Anise when you walk around not only where your cameras are set but also around the area.

Anise, Apple, Plum, Truffle, Vanilla and other scents are known for years as one of the most powerful fragrances that wild boars and other game just can’t resist. 

We added strong scents that are proven to attract wild boar and game and boost your chances of success in hunting.

*WARNING* – Use this product in areas with wild animal activity. Even though this is an ultra-premium attractant, it can only ATTRACT them, not CREATE them.

Additional information

Additional information

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Anise, Apple, Chestnut, Plum, Truffle, Vanilla