Black Fire PREDATOR is a natural aroma for predator monitoring. It is a very effective aroma at for all kinds of predators: foxes, raccoons, others.

The aroma has a built-in sponge that can be used as a dripper. Thanks to its innovative packaging, it remains intensive much longer than similar products on the market.

Each box comes with three bottles, each containing a different scent to increase your chances of success.

Dr. Black Fire developed the scents for almost two years. It’s been a long process of finding the right smell, but we’ve gone the extra mile that you don’t have to.

The only thing you need to dramatically improve your success with predator hunting is to get your box of Black Fire PREDATOR and test which of the three included bottles works best in your area.

Yes, it is as simple as that!


There are two recommended ways to use a predator aroma – Black Fire PREDATOR.


Remove the sponge from the bottle with the cap. Hang the sponge on a tree, as high as possible, and you can leave it there. This way we maximise the spread of the smell and prevent predators from reaching the sponge. The sponge will work as a dripper and the contents of the bottle will slowly drip onto the ground, and due to its intense smell it will interest all different types of predators.



Open the bottle and remove half of the sponge with the cap. Place the bottle on the ground where you want to attract the predator. When the hunt is over, approach the bottle and take the bottle with you. 


3 bottles of 80g:

1x WILD fragrance

1x FARM fragrance

1x OCEAN fragrance

3 additional caps


Instructions and FAQs

Why are there three bottles in the box?

To improve the chances of success, there are three fragrances that are very interesting to predators. On different hunts, spots use different scents and see which one works best for predators in your area.


Should I pour the contents of the bottle on the floor?

Do not pour the contents on the ground. That’s why there is a sponge under the cap, which can be used as a dripper and keep the smell intense and very interesting to predators.

I received three additional caps. Why?

If you use the recommended “HANGED” method and use the sponge and cap as a dripper, use additional caps to close the bottles once you have installed the Black Fire PREDATOR.

I accidentally ripped the sponge from the cap. And now?

No problem! You can still use it the same way as with the cap on it. Open the bottle, put it on the ground and leave it there.

Why is the PENDU method recommended?

The PENDU method is recommended as the sponge will increase the intensity of the odor and therefore improve the chances of success.

How is Black Fire PREDATOR different from similar products on the market?

The main difference is undoubtedly the innovative cap with a sponge. The vast majority of similar products work by having your product spray or pour aromas onto the ground or tree. This is not an optimal use, as the attractant is quickly washed away and flows into the soil. We developed Black Fire PREDATOR with this in mind and we managed to solve this problem with a new approach using the sponge and the cap.


The second is the intensity of odors. Once you open the bottle, you’ll know what we mean by that. 🙂


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Additional information

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