Black Fire Farm


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Black Fire FARM is a 100% natural salt-based attractant for wild boars and predators.

Due to the particular strong smell of proteins, wild boars and predators like to return to the place where you use the Black Fire FARM.

The new fragrance (FARM) is the result of extensive testing conducted in 2021 by Dr Black Fire and his fellow hunters in Croatia (to produce a product that meets their exact needs).

Black Fire FARM is 100% NATURAL and without any chemical additives.




Black Fire FARM can be used as a stand-alone attractant or as an additive to various cereals (corn, wheat, soy, …). FARM can also be sprinkled on the ground or around puddles.

The recommended dosage is 1 bottle per 10 kg of cereal or the whole bottle if sprinkled on the ground.

It is recommended to use Black Fire FARM in combination with Black Fire Tar.

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Additional information

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