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Black Fire Corn is for deer and roe deer hunting and was renewed in spring 2020 and now also contains aniseed!

Black Fire Corn contains corn syrup and mineral salt. Sweet and salty always works with deer! Black Fire Corn blends conveniently with corn. This increases deer visits. Many tests have shown this.

You can also sprinkle Black Fire Corn directly on the ground or on a tree stump. In the fall, scattering Black Fire Corn and apples on the ground proves very effective.

When using as a feed additive: shake the bottle and add Black Fire Corn to the feed and mix well. Spread the mixture on the floor. Black Fire Corn can also be used on its own. Black Fire Corn has a very strong sweet corn aroma and flavor that can effectively appeal to deer (may also include wild boar, deer, and bear). Regular use of the product in feeding stations can lead to a good end result. Black Fire Corn can be used at any time of the year and in any weather

Refreshed for Spring 2020, Black Fire Corn now also contains aniseed, a powerful spice that can also encourage deer to frequent feeders!

Use: Black Fire Corn is a corn syrup and salt flavoring for deer. Black Fire Corn can be used between grains of corn or on its own. Black Fire Corn is also effective for deer.

Ingredients: corn syrup, mineral salt, iodine (KI), release agent E535.

Black Fire Corn is made in the EU.

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