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Using the website ( browsing, opening links, reading content and the like) we count like consensus visitor website to agree to these general terms of use. As far as visitor website you do not agree with these general terms, please do not use the website.

The provider reserves the right to make these general conditions anytime and without changes previous announcements by publishing the new version on the website.

You general conditions they apply to the whole website and _ all her individual ones parts , as they are sections , sub-pages or forms , unless specifically specified for an individual part differently.


Notices, contributions, products, articles, texts and other contents published on the website (hereinafter: contents ) were created with the best intended to give to visitors websites ( hereinafter: users ) useful and useful content for their work. The provider tries his best powers with maintenance websites to ensure the accuracy and correctness of these information and contents and proper functioning forms.

The provider publishes on the website especially information about its services and products and information about their activities. The provider publishes on the website only information that are in (direct or indirect) connection with users.

In the event that information obtained from other sources is published on the website, it indicates the source or warns about it online link to the resource.

The provider reserves the right to change, add or remove contents or forms on the website without the previous one warnings and assumes no responsibility for any whatever consequences such changes.

They are on the website also published from time to time connections that they point to other people’s websites. On to action these pages and their content the provider cannot influence and does not accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the information published there and content.

The rules regarding the limitation of liability for the use of content on the website can be found in point 3 of these general conditions.


Visitors websites use website, its parts, contents and information solely at your own risk.

Provider does not take over the website no liability in the event that it is overlooked what kind important information or other content published on the World Wide Web or forwarded to the provider for publication.

The provider does not accept no responsibility for the accuracy and correctness of the information published on the website and content, does not assume responsibility for changes to already published information or content and does not assume responsibility for any damage caused to the visitor website resulting from the use of information or content published there, including damage due to loss revenue or expected profit, loss or impairment goodwill, loss of business or loss of data.


Provider protects personal data of visitors web pages that you forward to him , when using it. Personal data is being processed exclusively for the purposes for which are collected and which them allows valid legislation.

The provider will not be personal data, including contact information information, used for no other purposes and them without explicit in advance permits of the individual to whom it is personal data relate, conveyed to third parties persons, except if he were bound to do so on the basis regulations.

When visiting website some data (e.g. date, time, address of the page from which you are coming ) are saved on the server. This data are anonymous and used for statistical purposes only processing.

Provider performs the necessary organizational, technical and logical- technical procedures and measures with which they guard personal data, prevents accidentally or intentionally unauthorized destruction data, their change or loss and unauthorized processing.

The provider undertakes to protect all private data of the user in accordance with the provisions of the Protection Act personal data (ZVOP-1) and General EU Protection Regulation data. Everyone personal online store user data are confidential and they will not be in any case forwarded to unauthorized persons persons.

Most pages on this one website can be visits without having to disclose your personal information, such as name, address and email address. Nevertheless, some information is obtained automatically using cookies and online signals (” pixel tags “), standard tools in the web industry. Use of cookies and online signals allows to recognize the individual IP address, the type of browser used by the visitor website uses, and overall visitor activity online.

Data provided to us _ you will pass on, we do not pass on to third parties persons. Provider performs all necessary security measures confidentiality personal data in accordance with ZVOP-1 and General EU Protection Regulation data.

At the first visit You can refuse cookies by using of which your data is loaded on the browser. If you agree to use, you confirm that you have read the Terms of Use and you consent to the collection and use of personal information data.


Contents, graphic and other elements on the website are author’s protected and property manager websites except those who they are otherwise indicated in these general conditions or directly at content or element. Some of them contents they are obtained from websites that they allow free download of various graphics materials.


As far as you have discovered error, inaccuracy, out-of-date or other deficiency on the website, please notify us at marketing@blackfiretar.com . You can send us to the same address let me know also your requests to withdraw your personal data from the website.

Everyone individual can be from the provider request to withdraw his personal data published on the website, which covers also a picture or video recording in which the individual appears. The provider will be in it example personal data immediately withdrawn from the website.



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